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Probationer's Robe ~ There are several designs for A.A. robes. We will be happy to work within the parameters your instructor gives you for the design of your robe. Email us at info@azothart.com for further information. The robe style shown here is one that is described in public information and may or may not be appropriate for your Group. Red pentagram on front, hexagram on back.

Cotton: $135
Satin: $170
Silk: $220

your height:
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Ceremonial Robe with detatchable hood ~ This ceremonial robe has an over-sized hood that is attached to the main body of the robe with snaps. It is easily removable. There are no eyeholes. The hood is embellished with the Eye of Horus in a triangle surrounded by 36 evenly space rays. The front is embellished with the inverted hexagram. There are different styles of A.A. robes, and this may or may not suite your needs. You should check with your instructor before ordering. NOTE: NOW OFFERING THIS ROBE IN 2 VERSIONS - AS SHOWN WITH THE SYMBOLS EMBROIDERED DIRECTLY ON TO THE ROBE, OR WITH THE SYMBOLS INCLUDED AS SEPARATE PATCHES. AFTER ORDERING, EMAIL US AT INFO@AZOTHART.COM TO TELL US WHICH VERSION YOU PREFER. SEPARATE PATCHES WILL ALLOW YOU TO POSITION THE SYMBOLS ACCORDING TO YOUR PREFERENCE.

cotton: $160
silk: $230

Chest Size:
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Ceremonial Robe w. detatchable hood-no embroidery ~ The same robe shown above. This is a plain robe with no embroidery.

Cotton: $120.00
Silk: $190

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